We see product creation as an adventure. We love adventure, but we should warn you, we are lazy and we like to goof off. As a result, we always try get to the final destination with the least amount of effort. For over 20 years we have honed our skill set and strive to nap every day, followed by a vigorous bike ride. This may sound alarming, but we don't charge for naps, so you save time and money. While every project is unique and has it's own challenges, some techniques are used time and time again. Here are our favorites:

Understanding the problem. We don't take your word for it, we get in there and meet the customer, immerse ourselves in their environment and get first hand knowledge of the competitive landscape. While we're at it, we will identify other stakeholders too. We will go to extreme measures to understand these factors because only then will we be able to create a holistic solution.

Iterative approach. We love physical trial and error. We build stuff, then we test it and we build it again. While we can do FEA and all kinds of virtual analyses, only physical prototypes tell the truth.

Predicting and understanding risk (such as business uncertainties, technological uncertainties, manufacturing uncertainties, feasibility) throughout the entire process from concept to production. Thanks to our experience, we can predict things pretty well.

Developing strategies to reduce risk, reduce manufactured cost, maximize innovation and manufacturing risk and cost.

Figure 1. The iterative cycle at Designturn.

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